Zonta e-club

Created in 2020 under the wing of Zonta Schaffhausen (Switzerland) and with the idea of Fabiola Dueri-Sonderegger, this e-club is formed by a group of Spanish-speaking women based in different Swiss cities, the meetings are held through virtual platforms.

The challenges we face today require us to work together. We are convinced that united, women can be an excellent agent of change that impacts society in a positive way, where new technologies open channels that allow us, despite the distances, to be a team.

As foreigners in Switzerland, we share the experience of the challenges involved in living in a country other than our country of origin, we are witnesses of the challenges that women face to show their potential. That is why we are convinced that as members of the Zonta community we can collaborate in the growth and empowerment of women, as well as support those who are in vulnerable conditions.

The members of Zonta e-club Switzerland 1 share the vision of a better world, a world that is more just, equitable and free of violence, for us and for future generations.


  • Nathalia Esther Gnädinger
  • Flor Monsivais
  • Daniela Cano Sotomayor
  • Silvia Sánchez
  • Juliana Morán Rimoli
  • Johana Balarezo
  • Ingeborg García-Westphalen
  • Maria Elena Calle
  • Sara Sánchez
  • Giovanna Perren
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